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    Phones in School

    A lot of teachers complain about students being on their phone during class. The phones not only distract the teacher, but they also distract the students from learning and focusing in class. A lot of students are mostly distracted because of social media. Without social media a lot of students will barely be on their phones and will stay focused in class. There are a lot of ways you can do to prevent you from being on your phone during class and some of them actually work. A lot of students try to put their phones on do not disturb so they don’t get a notification causing them to be tempted to get on their phone. A lot of Roosevelt student also shared their opinions on the phone issue and a lot of them brought up good ideas to use when getting distracted and what apps they use the most, there were a lot of other good questions they answered as well.
    What apps do you use the most and how does it distract you in class?
    “Snap chat because I get text from my friends and family. When those people text, me I get tempted to look and text back. Whenever I do text back they respond causing a full on discussion that go on for a long time and basically effecting my learning,” Junior Max Karnicky said.
    What distracts you the most when using your phone in class games or social media?
    “Social media, because I want to know what my friends texted me and when I do I just get distracted for basically the whole class time. I’m mostly on social media the whole day and whenever I see something new pop up on my phone I try to look deep into it causing me to become distracted,” Junior Victor Reveles said.
    How well do you pay attention in class?
    “I pay attention pretty good and get my work done. I try my best to not get on my phone so I try to power off my phone or just put it in do not disturb so I don’t get any notification that will make me be tempted to look at my phone,” Junior Mohammad Mozzammil said.
    What do you do to stay off your phone during class?
    “Sometimes I put my phone in my bag so that it is out of my site so I don’t try and use my phone. I also try to put it on do not disturb so that I cant hear the notifications I get because when I do I try to get on my phone and try to check what that notification was and when I do check this makes me not to focus in class any more,” Junior Isaiah Shade said.
    What Is your opinion about students using phones during class?
    “I think it’s a distraction to me when im teaching but obviously its more of a distraction to them unfortunately our phones are programmed to get us to pick them up all the time and it works,” Journalism teacher Triplett Carly said.
    What is your opinion about students using phones in class and can you relate?
    “I love using my phone, I’m the type of person to use my phone while having a bunch of assignments to submit. I know that I succeed better outside of the classroom, and I can hold myself accountable for my grades. As a senior it’s okay for me to use my phone but if you’re a freshman or sophomore take class seriously. I believe that teachers shouldn’t have to repeat themselves multiple times telling kids to get off of their phones, everyone should be able to hold themselves accountable for their education, it’s not up to teachers,” Senior Dol Aden said.

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