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The People’s Princess and Her Suspicious Death

Alise Hightower

How many people do you think die in car crashes every year in Paris, France? I’ll tell you. It is around 3,000 according to Statista, but is there usually foul play involved in the crashes? 

 The late Princess Diana’s death might have involved a lot of foul play; However, let’s not jump ahead of ourselves before discussing who Princess Diana was and her miraculous story, from going from a Lady to a Princess at the tender age of 19.  

Diana was born July 1st, 1961, in Sandringham, England.  Her father was John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer and her mother was Frances Kydd. She grew up around her three siblings, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Lady Jane Fellowes, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer. She was the third born and closest to the eldest, Lady Sarah. Her family had playdates with the late queens’ children, Prince Andrew and Prince Edwards. She attended Silfield Private School then Riddlesworth Hall School, which is an all-girls boarding school, but ended up dropping out around the age of 16. It is to be said that she had encounters with her ex-husband, King Charles when she was very young. Before she was a royal, she worked just like a commoner. She was a nanny for many families, and her last job before becoming a princess was working in a nursey, according to the Women And Home articles and Oprah Daily 

Diana got engaged at the age of nineteen. She was sweet, timid and kept to herself when she was young. The late queen approved of their courtship between her son and Lady Diana. Sadly, the public was not as kind as the queen was, and deemed Diana as “Shy Di.”  Regardless of the public, Charles asked for her hand in marriage on February 1st, 1981. A few months later in July of 81′, the supposedly happy couple was married. Nearly seven hundred and fifty million people tuned into the royal wedding. It was the wedding of the century.  

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Diana’s life was far from what she thought it would be. The people soon began to love her beyond belief, but she struggled with severe mental health problems, and the family only furthered these issues. Diana going from being referred to as “Shy Di” to the “People’s Princess” just shows how much power she had although she was severely struggling.  

While she was supposed to be silent and pretty, she was an advocate. The royal family hated it, but she was loud and unapologetic. The article from the Your Story states that she took on the AIDs crisis in the year 1987 and visited hospitals to show her support and help spread awareness. Because of the way she acted and spoke her mind, her marriage suffered. Charles was constantly cheating on her, she was hated by the rest of the family, and her mental health was still declining.   

Sadly, because of the way her marriage was rapidly failing, the couple divorced in 1996. She was finally happy. Diana was rumored to be with a new man. His name is Dodi Fayed. They spent her last year alive together happy, according to friends of the late princess.  

Now that you understand the history of Diana, lets’ get into her death. She was on her vacation in Paris, France and died by an unexpected car crash. She was young and her boys, Henry and William, were too. She was 36 at the time when she died. Diana and Dodi were leaving the hotel they were staying at and were heading to Dodi’s apartment. According to The Today, as soon as they left swarms of paparazzi gathered around them. Minutes later the car they were in spun out of control and crashed into a pillar at the entrance of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel. She was not pronounced dead at the scene unlike Dodi and the driver. She, however, was taken to Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital and died there. That is the story the public was told, but is it the truth? 

Diana knew she was going to die soon at the hands of the royal family. Allegedly, there is a letter she wrote stating she feels as though the royal family is going to kill her off soon. Princess Diana was taken to a hospital so far from the car crash, when she could have been taken to the hospital that was closest to the scene. The ride was approximately thirty-two minutes long without traffic, when there was the hospital only a few miles from the crash. Did the doctors and paramedics that are legally required to save people intentionally let Diana die because of the royal family? 

Along with that, it was rumored by a top French policeman from The Independence, that she was pregnant and engaged to Dodi. He is Egyptian, which that would have put a stain on Henry and William’s line of succession. It would have been extremely bad for the royal family if Diana did get remarried because it would ruin the family’s look and cause the public to have a field day with the two princes to have a half-brother who would not be royal blood or British.  

So, do you think her death was planned and she was killed off by the royal family? Or was it merely a freak accident? The world may never know, but her legacy lives on.  

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