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The Roundup

Roosevelts Bathroom

Roosevelt’s Bathroom

April 30, 2024

If you’re like me, you may have walked past the bathroom needing to use it and realized that most if not all are locked. After one semester of people basically partying in the bathroom, having a smoking...

Graphic of survey results. 105 participants. Graphic made in Canva

School ID Policy

Livi Wilke-Brown, Staff April 29, 2024

A new policy at Theodore Roosevelt High School was introduced at the beginning of second semester, requiring students to show their student ID to get into the building. While in theory this may be a step...

Top 5 Fries

Top 5 Fries

Mohamed Guma February 8, 2024

French fries are the cornerstone of fast-food establishments. However, the question that everyone is asking is who serves up the absolute best? I'm here to settle this debate, here's the list of the top...

High school students advocating for better gun legislation.

Call to Action

Anna Lundy, Editor February 8, 2024

January 4, tragedy struck. Four students, an administrator, and the principal of Perry High School were shot by a 17-year-old student. Students were just arriving for morning classes on the first day after...

The Peoples Princess and Her Suspicious Death

The People’s Princess and Her Suspicious Death

Alise Hightower, Staff February 4, 2024

How many people do you think die in car crashes every year in Paris, France? I’ll tell you. It is around 3,000 according to Statista, but is there usually foul play involved in the crashes?   The...

Simmer Down and Grow Up

Lugamba Nzongero, Staff Writer November 21, 2023

Many students that are coming from middle school have a mindset that everything that I was doing in middle school, like going late to class, a mindset that, like middle school, it does not matter. I could...

Gender affirming care is important.

Gender Affirming Care in Iowa

Anna Lundy, Editor October 3, 2023

Senate File 538 was passed by legislators in March of 2023. According to The Des Moines Register, this law bars Iowa physicians from prescribing gender-affirming care including hormones, puberty blockers...

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